Bug reporting question

Frank Hubeny FHubeny at wittbiomedical.com
Fri Jan 28 14:44:58 CET 2005

Hello Group;

I would like some information on what to send you all in a bug report.
It perhaps would be a aid to people like myself who are just not very
helpfull with what we do send.  Then get upset when we do not get any

I ask this because if Window binaries for release candidates do start
comeing out.  I would like to test them.  If problems do occur I sure do
not want to send in alot of usless stuff.

I do appreciate the Windows binaries you all do, and just sending in a
understandable bug report, if any, would most likely help.

Frank Hubeny
RMA Technician
Manufacturing Dept.
Witt Biomedical Corp.
800.669.1328 ext. 179
fhubeny at wittbiomedical.com

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