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Neil Williams wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 July 2005 11:02 am, Sascha Kiefer wrote:
>>1. is it possible to receive a key to a file instead of to the keyring?
> --keyring <file> --no-default-keyring
> from man gpg:
> --keyring file
>         Add file to the current list of keyrings.  If file begins with a tilde 
> 	and a slash, these are  replaced
>         by the $HOME directory. If the filename does not contain a slash, it 
> 	is assumed to be in the GnuPG home
>         directory ("~/.gnupg" if --homedir or $GNUPGHOME is not used).
>         Note that this adds a keyring to the current list.  If the intent  is  
> 	to  use  the  specified  keyring
>         alone, use --keyring along with --no-default-keyring.

I suspect you might also want to use --primary-keyring:

> --primary-keyring file
>           Designate file as the primary  public  keyring.   This  means
>           that  newly  imported keys (via --import or keyserver --recv-
>           from) will go to this keyring.

so something like

> gpg --keyring <file> --primary-keyring <file>

combined with the import statement may (or may not) do want you want.

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