no-ask-cert-expire during sign-key

Peter Palfrader at
Wed Jul 20 15:11:51 CEST 2005


gpg (1.4.1) always asks whether UID certifications should expire on the
same day as the primary key:

| weasel at galaxy:~$ gpg --no-ask-cert-expire --sign-key 52C8180E
| [..]
| pub  1024D/52C8180E  created: 2004-12-11  expires: 2012-12-10  usage: CS  
|                      trust: marginal      validity: full
|  Primary key fingerprint: 77FA 0CBE A7BB 268A 312B  DB25 3D45 FF99 52C8 180E
|      Matthias Bauer <matthiasb at>
|      Matthias Bauer <bauerm at>
| This key is due to expire on 2012-12-10.
| Do you want your signature to expire at the same time? (Y/n) 

I always answer no to this question.

Is it possible to change the behaviour of --no-ask-cert-expire to also
apply to this case?  At least the manpage suggests that it already should do
just that:

|      --no-ask-cert-expire
|                When making a key signature, prompt for an  expiration  time.
|                If  this  option  is  not  specified,  the expiration time is
|                "never".  --no-ask-cert-expire disables this option.

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