same key: pgp 2.6 version and gpg version: keyserver

Peter Palfrader at
Thu Jul 21 20:03:51 CEST 2005

On Thu, 21 Jul 2005, Uwe Brauer wrote:

> Where Werner advice to empty the pass-phrase in pgp2.6 import it to gpg
> and then introduce a pass-phrase.
> So I conclude from that that a pgp2.6 with IDEA protected pass-phrase
> is NOT the same as the imported key into gpg, where the pass phrase is
> protected by other algorithm.

It's still the same public key.

[Tho really you should create a new version 4 key.  Version 3 (old pgp
2.6 keys) are obsolete and support for them may eventually go away (the
sooner the better)]

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