I have the public key, but not the private...

Patrick Dickey pats_comp_solutions at hotpop.com
Sat Jul 30 08:02:56 CEST 2005

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Travis C Newman wrote:

> I had reinstalled a while ago, and forgot to backup my gpg files. I
> have retrieved my public key from MIT's keyserver, but I don't
> have the private key, so I can't sign anything. Help?
> Travis
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While I can't help you with this problem, I can possibly give you a
suggestion for the future.  I use a program called PW Safe by
PassWare.  It's basically a password management program, but it's
encrypted.  What I do is, I create an entry for GNU-PG and put in the
username in it's space, and generate a password using it's built in
Generator.  Then, when I go to create the key, I type the generated
password in for the key.

Now, when I do a backup of everything, and restore my keys, I have the
passwords saved.  Or, if I import them from a keyserver (which I'm
assuming you are trying to do), I have the passwords also.  If you
want to, in the notes section in PW Safe, you can put your private
key.  That way, you have it as well.  (it could be listed in the
'username' field, if you want).

You can find PW Safe at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pwsafe/.
Hopefully this helps you out.
Patrick Dickey.
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