problem with certain commandline switches

Folkert van Heusden folkert at
Sun Jul 31 00:14:54 CEST 2005


I'm trying to send my keys to the Tor pgp-keyservers.
For that I use:
	gpg --keyserver=x-hkp://yod73zr3y6wnm2sw.onion --keyserver-options=honor-http-proxy,broken-http-proxy,http-proxy= --send-key 1f28d8ae
but that doesn't work!
I then get:
	gpg: sending key 1F28D8AE to hkp server yod73zr3y6wnm2sw.onion
	?: [fd 4]: write error: Broken pipe
	?: [fd 4]: write error: Broken pipe
	gpgkeys: remote server returned error 503
	gpg: keyserver internal error
	gpg: keyserver send failed: keyserver error

If I, instead, do the following:
	http_proxy= gpg --options .gnupg/options.tor1 --send-key 1f28d8ae
everything works perfectly.
(with .gnupg/options.tor1 containing this:
	load-extension /usr/lib/gnupg/idea
	keyserver x-hkp://yod73zr3y6wnm2sw.onion
	keyserver-options honor-http-proxy broken-http-proxy
	keyserver-options verbose
	compress-level 9
	default-key folkert at
	list-options show-policy-urls
	# tricky:

What can be the cause of this?

Folkert van Heusden

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