Kiefer, Sascha sk at
Thu Jun 2 20:26:59 CEST 2005

> "At least". Does the bank has contracted anyone with enough 
> knowledge of cryptography to make educated assumptions about 
> the strength of the different algorithms in GnuPG? 

Hopefully! :)
But i think, it's not the boss of the bank that will change those
Settings but the security administrator. They have some decent
knowledge. And there will be a handbook where everything will
Explained in detail, and the default settings are as strong as 
Possible and you are able to reset to the default settings.
That's all i can do! :)

> Rijndael 
> also has its weaknesses, wether it will remain as strong as 
> the other ciphers with equal key length remains to be seen.


> BTW, are those laws there really that detailed? Does it mean 
> that if Rijndael gets broken sending it in any weak cipher 
> would suffice?

I do not make those laws. And I'm not sure about legality at 
luxembourg. It's just what some bank adminstrator told us.


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