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Francis Gulotta wizard at
Fri Jun 3 18:07:04 CEST 2005

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How do we know it's really yours or that you are really you? I'll accept
that this message was signed with it, but by signing you key it means I
have no doubt that it really does indeed belong to Dan Mundy. And I've
nver met him.

I personally don't have any signatures except from my other identities
(who have seperate keys instead of subkeys), I will have more, I'm
waiting for my local LUG's keysigning party after their next meeting. To
miss-quote someone else here. (It's got the same jist)

"People travel long and far to get their key's signed."

I'd give you some links off hand (if I had any on hand) for how to find
any keysigning parties or people in your area who will meet with you to
sign your key. You should look yourself, and I'm sure there are plenty
of other people here who have those links handy.

Good luck.

- -Francis

Dan Mundy wrote:
> hey everyone, just letting you all know i'm new to mailing lists.
> by the way, here's my public key. make sure to sign it!
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