cross-OS transparent encryption

Dan Mundy harob02 at
Sat Jun 4 14:58:58 CEST 2005

Erpo wrote:

>The spanish thread on the list right now is revolving around the problem
>of sharing encrypted data between WinXP and Linux. The original poster
>wants to share a read/write partition between the two OSs on a laptop
>and have transparent encryption of the files on that partition. 
>I said that NTFS will do this (windows only) as well as dm-crypt (linux
>only), but I'm stumped as far as cross-platform solutions with
>compatible on-disk formats. The only suggestion I could offer was to use
>FAT32 and manually encrypt and decrypt the files before using them
>(yuck). Any non-spanish-speakers have suggestions?
what is the device name of his windows partition?  i have found a way to
mount windows partitions in linux at startup.

as root, gedit /etc/fstab.  add a line like this just before the swap line:

/dev/hda1               /win                    auto          
auto,user,exec,rw,async         0 0

create a folder named /win, and reboot. on the gnome desktop there
should be a drive with the title 'win'.  next, configure whatever you
need to run off /win.  This is how i manage windows files in linux.
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