How to delete superceded self signatures?

Dan Mundy harob02 at
Sat Jun 4 16:42:59 CEST 2005

David Shaw wrote:

> Funny you should mention that....  Install the 1.4.2 release
> candidate, do --edit-key and then "clean sigs".  This is a new feature
> in 1.4.2, and I'm still playing around with ways to tie it into export
> and import (optionally).
> Anyway, if you do "clean sigs", it'll strip any superceded sigs.
> David

after reading this message, i compiled gpg 1.4.2rc1 and it cleaned out
my extra sigs just like you said, but it didn't get rid of them on the
keyserver.  promptly after cleaning my sigs, i uploaded my key to the
server, then downloaded it from the same server.  the unwanted sigs
still came in.  gpg or pgp or somebody should figure out a way for
people to delete keys or certain parts of them from all the keyservers!

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