cross-OS transparent encryption

Dan Mundy harob02 at
Sun Jun 5 01:03:24 CEST 2005

Erpo wrote:
> He's already doing this. Now he wants his system to automatically
> encrypt every file before it's written to that partition, and decrypt
> every file every time an application tries to read it in either OS.
> DM-Crypt does this for Linux, and NTFS has this capability in windows,
> but AFAIK there's no cross-platform solution. Linux doesn't have NTFS
> write support (let alone NTFS encryption support) and Windows certainly
> won't touch a DM-Crypt'd partition.
> Someone else suggested Bestcrypt and I passed that on, but it's neither
> Free software nor freeware.
> Eric

i wonder if it's possible to format all your partitions with 2
filesystems.  it would be cool to have an fs that's fat32 and ext3 at
the same time, and it would solve hernan's difficulty.

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