Additional self-signature

Oskar L. oskar at
Sun Jun 5 09:40:05 CEST 2005


Using the release candidate for version 1.4.2, I imported my public and
secret key, and just like with version 1.4.1 I got double self-signatures
on it. I then deleted the first one, exported both keys, deleted my
keyring, imported the keys, and the double self-signatures were still
there. I then did the same again, only this time I deleted the second
self-signature instead of the first, and this way I got rid of the extra
self-signature. With another keypair it worked the other way; by deleting
the first self-signature I got rid of it. I suspect that this depends on
if you import the public or secret key first, and that this sets the order
of the self-signatures. Anyway, is this the way it is meant to work? Would
it not be better to have the additional self-signature automatically
deleted when importing the keypair?


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