Help with menumessages from gnupg and gpgrelay

Henk M. de Bruijn henkdebruijn at
Sun Jun 5 14:44:06 CEST 2005

Hi all,

Since a couple of days after starting the computer I get a message:
Specify User ID for new key
You need a User-ID to identify you key

I have to fill in Forename and surname
Comment (optional)

After hitting the cancel button (I already have a key) I get another
message from gpgrelay:
But there is evidence that you already had GPGrelay running with a
filled keyring!
GPGrelay will not clean up its settings in the registry to prevent
Check your settings of GnuPG and restart GPGrelay!

Who can help me out?


I am using GPG 1.4.1. with GPGshell 3.42 and GPGrelay 0.959

Henk M. de Bruijn
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