How to detect inline PGP in mails! Best practice?

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Sun Jun 19 18:49:20 CEST 2005

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Hi Sascha,

 On Sunday, June 19, 2005 at 4:39:40 AM +0200, Sascha Kiefer wrote:

>> Mutt generates since version 1.5.1:
>>| Content-Type: text/plain; x-action=pgp-{encrypted,signed,keys}
> May u send me a signed, encrypted and your public key so i can get the
> idea?

    With pleasure (out of pgp-keys). And this list mail is also signed
inline with Mutt 1.5.9. This format has 3 advantages:

 · PGP nature can be detected without costly body parsing, unlike in
pure text/plain.

 · It's text/plain, without the interoperability problems of app/pgp.
PGP unaware mailers will ignore x-action parameter, and display the
inline cleartext. No one should fail and show an unknown attachment,
like happened with application/pgp.

 · Other parameters of CT: text/plain are possible, especially charset.
Note straight Mutt forces sending either US-Ascii or UTF-8: No Latin-1
nor other charsets. This has pros and cons. Patch exists to permit
sending any charset. OTOH reading any charset always works.

Bye!	Alain.
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