Expired Subkey - How to extend expiry using GPG command line

gpg.20.subu at spamgourmet.com gpg.20.subu at spamgourmet.com
Wed Jun 22 09:04:33 CEST 2005

Hi Charly 

Thanks a ton

This worked like a charm

I've updated my subkeys



p.s. - for some reason my post to the GPG list is awaiting moderation.
So I've copied it to Charly Avital as well

Charly Avital - shavital at mac.com wrote:
> gpg.20.subu at spamgourmet.com wrote the following on 6/20/05 8:13 AM:
>>I have a key where the sub key has expired
>>Is there a way to extend the validity of the *sub key* using GPG command
>>line interface
>>p.s. - As of now I am little hesitant to set up GPG shell etc - learn
>>these and then do the sub key edit - so would prefer a straight sub -
>>key editing
>>Thanks in adv
>>-- Subu
> gpg --edit-key [key ID]
> then
> Command> key N  where N is the subkey's index.
> e.g. if the subkey whose validity you want to extend is the first listed
> subkey, or if it is the only listed subkey, then the  command would be
> Command> key 1
> this will put a * after the word sub, indicating that this particular
> subkey has been selected. then
> Command> expire
> and follow the prompts.
> Hope this works for you, it works for me (Macintosh OS X 10.4.1)
> Charly

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