Secure viewer in PGP 9.0.1 for Mac OS X

Charly Avital shavital at
Sun Jun 26 22:56:10 CEST 2005

While carrying out some tests with GnuPG and the options 
--for-our-eyes-only and --output [filename], within the macgpg-users list, 
I tried to decrypt a test message composed with MacGPG (GnuPG for the Mac) 
1.4.2rc2 configured with these two options.

The received message could be decrypted using GPGMail and Eudora GPG. 
Eudora GPG displayed, in its output 'gpg: NOTE: sender requested 

Using PGP 9.0.1 to decrypt that same test message, an on-screen window 
informed: 'Caution  The message you are decrypting is for your eyes only. 
It is recommended that this message only be read under the most secure 
circumstances.' and two buttons 'Cancel' and 'OK'.

Clicking the OK button produced a secure-viewer window with the decrypted 
message (and PGP testimonial) printed in tempest-resistant font.

My question to the pgp-users list is: how to set the request for the 
secure-viewer function for outgoing messages under PGP 9.0.1. In previous 
versions of PGP, the option could be enabled by marking a small square 



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