Charly Avital shavital at mac.com
Mon Jun 27 05:55:52 CEST 2005

According to man gpg:
Set the `for your eyes  only'  flag  in  the  message.   This
causes  GnuPG  to refuse to save the file unless the --output
option is given, and PGP to use the "secure  viewer"  with  a
Tempest-resistant  font  to display the message.  This option
overrides --set-filename.
--no-for-your-eyes-only  disables this option.

In a few tests I did, using gpg 1.4.2rc2, self testing an encrypted  
and signed text:
- without --output: the result is a message without text, that shows  
'encrypted,signed' in its
   long headers.
- with --output [filename]: the result is an encrypted and signed  
message that is processed by GnuPG as
   any other such message, without any special warnings or limitations.

The same message processed with PGP is decrypted, verified and  
displayed in a "secure-view" window with
TEMPEST Attack Prevention fonts.

At the receiving end, how does GnuPG processes a message that has  
been encrypted using
"--for-your-eyes-only", without --output? Where does the actual text  
of the message goes? Is there such a text?


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