pinpad cardreader; imported smart-card keys

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jun 28 08:53:42 CEST 2005

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 16:30:15 -0500, Alex Mauer said:

> I purchased an SCM SPR332 card reader, based on the Smartcard Howto's
> statement (about the SPR532) "The pinpad may be used to securely enter
> the PIN".  I have found that I cannot use the pinpad, at least not with

As of now the "may be" means with software supporting it but not with
GnuPG :-(.

The longer answer is that I have worked on it and added code to the
CCID driver to check this out.  It works fine but there is one party
missing: We need to have a mechanism t tell the upper layers that a
pinpad reader is available and that the pinentry shall not be used for
entering the PIN but to display a note saying: Please enter the PIN on
the reader keypad.

Given the demand of support for the keypad, I will start to work on it

>> From what I can google, I should be able to (re)generate the stub keys
> by using 'gpg --card-status'.  But, this seems not to work.

I need to see what happens; will get back to you later.



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