gpg --symmetric with same passphrases

Xuân Baldauf at
Mon Jun 27 01:32:36 CEST 2005


is it secure to use for different files, to be encrypted using "gpg 
--symmetric", the same passphrase? Or does this pose a risk of a 
cryptographic attack which would not exist if different passphrases were 

Background: There are multiple notebook computers whose each root 
filesystem is encrypted using dm-crypt. The partition encryption key is 
is different for each encrypted filesystem and resides as a file on a 
different filesystem in encrypted form. It is not feasible to store the 
different encryption keys in one keyring (in order to avoid multiple 
files encrypted with the same passphrase), because then, copies of that 
keyring would have to reside on all notebook computers. It is not 
feasible to use different passphrases, either.

Thank you,


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