bzip2 cross-compiling problem

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Wed Mar 2 17:46:30 CET 2005

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Tenui wrote:

> Ever since the 1.3.x series started I have been native compiling my
> Windows versions, but since the change in the Linux cross-compiling
> environment it is much simpler to cross compile from Linux - except for
> this bzip2 issue.

'./configure && make' is pretty simple

> The official Windows installer release has bzip2 how
> the heck does Werner do it?

I can only guess how Werner is doing it. I've not asked him.

Downloading and building the bzip2 sources, then adding
'--with-bzip2=<DIR>' to configure was the way I used it to static link in
the bzip2 code back before I switched over to the dll from the GnuWin32

'--with-included-zlib' or '--with-zlib=<DIR>' would do the same with the
zlib code.


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