gpg: Oops; keylost!

James Davis james at
Thu Mar 3 13:46:10 CET 2005

David Shaw wrote:

> Can you send what GnuPG prints after that error?  It indicates what
> happened.
> In general, though, your pubring.gpg is probably corrupt.

E:\gnupg>gpg.exe --list-keys
gpg: Oops; key lost!
node 00051CD0 01/00 type=secret-key
node 00051DC0 00/00 type=user-id  "James Davis (Security Manager)
<james at>" ....
node 00051ED8 00/00 type=signature  class=13 keyid=544DF19E ts=1108383008
node 00052190 00/00 type=secret-subkey
node 00054528 00/00 type=signature  class=18 keyid=544DF19E ts=1108383009
pub  1024D/BC93CFBB 2005-02-14 James Davis ( Security Manager)
<james at>
sub  1792g/D3795FEB 2005-02-14

pub  1024D/A02964CF 2005-02-21 Keith Hardy <keith at>
sub  2048g/B1B3AD73 2005-02-21


Any ideas?


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