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Thomas Jones admin at
Thu Mar 3 22:38:10 CET 2005

On Thursday 03 March 2005 02:43 pm, David Shaw wrote:
> Yes.  That command doesn't mean anything.  The options mean, in order,
> encrypt, textmode, ascii armor, decrypt.  You have to pick either
> encrypt or decrypt as doing both would result in nothing happening.
> Also, --group doesn't go on the command line.  You use the group name
> as a recipient (-r HlthStream).
> David
Actually the group argument can go on the command-line. I've used it in 
various custom scripts on my systems.

gpg -e -a --group TestGroup="0x57BF9042 0x515FAF83" -r TestGroup test_file.txt

or in a script

gpg -e -a --group ${GroupName}="${GroupList}" -r ${GroupName} test_file.txt

This way the recipient group can be appended as needed throughout the script. 
And can then be expanded into the execution sequence.

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