GnuPG 1.4.0a for Windows

Walter Koch koch at
Wed Mar 9 21:24:53 CET 2005


> German translation seems incomplete

I'am working on it.

> and be using inconsistent coding of Umlauts:
> gpg: Keine gültigen OpenPGP-Daten gefunden.
> Key verfällt am 03/11/05 14:04:48 Westeuropõische Normalzeit

"Westeuropõische Normalzeit" does not come from the gnupg translation,
but from Sir Windows himself. You can judge it from the use of the term
"Westeuropäische Normalzeit" (Westeuropean mean time) for the timezone
used in Germany. But thats wrong. It has to be "Mitteleuropäische Zeit"
(Central European time). However, the Umlaut is still wrong.

Die Gedanken sind frei. Das Nähere regelt ein Bundesgesetz.

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