Encrypting SubFolders

David T Kerns david.t.kerns at us.hsbc.com
Wed Mar 9 21:13:55 CET 2005

I'm new to gpg so not sure if gpg has a recursion flag, but on unix:

gpg --encrypt --multifile `find /thisfolder -type f -print`

should work.

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On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, jediknight2 wrote:

> Is there a way to encrypt a folder including subfolders?
> I have tried
> gpg --encrypt --multifile \thisfolder\*.*
> The first one will hit all the subfolders inside thisfolder, but if those
> subfolders have folders then it wont go...
> so it will try thisfolder\subfolder
> but it wont catch thisfolder\subfolder\subsubfolder
> Any suggestions

windows or *nix?


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