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Hi Henry,

On Friday, March 11, 2005, at 1:18:25 AM PST, you wrote:

> Does anybody know the most up to date URL pages on where Phil
> Zimmerman is and what he is doing? Evidently, everything I am trying
> is the wrong to way to go about it in search engines.

First, unless your spelling of "Zimmerman" above was just a one time
typo, you might have better luck in searching if you spell his last
name with two "n"s on the end: "Zimmermann"

It's not much so far, but here's an article from January of this year
that mentions a few things he said about a flaw in MS Word:,aid,119483,00.asp

> I did see the page where he embedded his phone number in the text,
> and wondered if that one is the most current one (which alas, I did
> not bookmark).

You might try sending him an email if you really need to get in touch
with him. I've done this in the past when I've had questions to ask
him, and he was always very prompt with his replies.

As long as it's still a valid email address for him, click on the link
to his email address on the "How to contact" page of his site (it is
displayed on the page in anti-spam form, but clicking on the link
should open up your email client editor with the correct address
already in the "To" field):

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