Differences between 1.2.2 and 1.4.1rc2. was: Help with v1.4.0.

John Clizbe JPClizbe at comcast.net
Mon Mar 14 11:20:43 CET 2005

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Maj. Dennis Bludnok, Ret. wrote:
> Thanks for the help so far everyone.
> I've been able to download the new version from a different network.
> I think the firewall at my office doesn't like FTP sites.
> My other question was:
> Is the old version I have at the moment vulnerable to any attacks or
> bugs that were fixed in the new version, or will the upgrade just
> provide more functionality?

The ElGamal Signing Key bug was fixed in 1.2.4 (IIRC). It only affected a
small number of non-default keys.  The 1.4.x releases also add the newer
SHA-256|384|512 Hash functions.  I'd recommend upgrading to the 1.4 series.

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