Porting gnupg

Grimes, Dean DGRIMES at scvl.com
Thu Mar 17 15:41:33 CET 2005


I have successfully compiled and installed gnupg-1.4.1 on SCO OpenServer and
everything works great. However, I have approximately 500 remote servers I
need to install it on. I tried tarring up all of the installed binaries and
associated directories and installing it on one of the remote servers but it
won't run. These systems are identical in configuration except for the GNU
development system not being installed on the remote system.

I have successfully propagated other applications such as PHP, MySQL, Apache
and others via this very same method. Is there something specific I need or
should know in order to propagate GnuPG? The system just immediately kills
the application whenever an attempt is made to execute it. It acts like a
missing library. If I install the GNU development system and compile on the
remote system everything runs fine. Any ideas?



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