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Servie Platon wrote:
> Hi Mr. Clizbe,
> --- John Clizbe <JPClizbe at> wrote:
> Thank you very much for the help.

>> 	cd C:\GnuPG
>> 	copy *.gpg "%APPDATA%\GnuPG" (Up to this step)
>> 	copy gpg.conf "%APPDATA%\GnuPG" 
> (Error here, it appears that gpg.conf is not present)
>> 	exit

If there is no gpg.conf file in your old home directory, C:\GnuPG, it
could be under the old name 'options' or somethinf similar.

It not, there are instructions on the Enigmail GnuG for Windows users page

> C:\Documents and Settings\servie>gpg --version
> gpg: error loading `iconv.dll': The specified module
> could not be found.

Run the installer again and iconv.dll will be restored. or download it
fron the ftp site     (644k)

> Home: C:/Documents and Settings/servie/Application
> Data/GnuPG (Seems fine here except for the iconv.dll
> problem which I deleted before). Should I reconstruct
> again the iconv.dll file and restore all the entries
> as stated in the gpg.conf file?

See above regarding iconv.dll. A starter gpg.conf would be:

default-key 0xDecafBAD		<--- replace with YOUR key ID
keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve include-subkeys include-revoked

> Again, thank you very much.

You're most welcome.

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