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Gerhard Siegesmund jerri at
Mon Mar 21 11:23:13 CET 2005

Hello Atom Smasher

> this seems to work for me:
>   $ ssh atom at 'cat file1' | gpg | ssh atom at 'cat - > file2'
> note the quotes.
> it reads an encrypted file (file1) from the server, decrypts it locally 
> and writes the decrypted data back to a file (file2) on the server.
> my secret key and password stay away from the server.

Almost. :-) But this is the other way round. I want to call gpg from
the other server to decrypt something. I have the feeling, that it is
not possible to send something for decryption to another server. This
would have been a great feature. Imagine signing your mails on another
server by calling your gpg at home. :)

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