Possable bug with winpt-0.9.90rc1

David Vallier timemaster at sillydog.org
Mon Mar 21 14:06:57 CET 2005

Zuxy wrote:

> On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 20:00:41 -0700, David Vallier
> <timemaster at sillydog.org> wrote:
>> Recently I tried signing a file using winpt-0.9.90rc1 and right
>> after words I get a "box" popping up saying what? with 2 5-6
>> digit numbers separated by a slash and what appears to be a
>> progress bar below that, and winpt just sits there like it wants
>> an input or something. I have waited for about 10 mins but the
>> program just sits there and finally I have to "kill" the process.
> Did you use ask-sig-expire in your gpg.conf?
No. From what I gather from the GPG manual thats basically for PGP2
compatibility, or am I misreading it?

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