Shouldn't keyservers store and provide subkeys?

Jason Harris jharris at
Thu Mar 24 22:44:49 CET 2005

On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 04:20:02PM -0500, David Shaw wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 06:34:58PM +0100, Werner Koch wrote:

> > That keyserver as well as all other servers running the old HKS
> > software are broken.  YOu should move away from that keyserver and use
> > an SKS one (e.g. or at least those at
> >
> > 
> > BTW, to avoid answering these questions over and over, should we just
> > setup working keyservers under the domain?  It seems the old
> > and broken servers will never vanish.
> I'm all for it.  It would be nice to point people to a keyserver set
> that works properly with everything: multiple subkeys, photo IDs, and
> MR output.  At the moment, this is just SKS servers.

You (gnupg.{org,net}) should run your own keyserver(s) rather than
creating yet another DNS RR name.  I'd be happy to get you going
with either an email feed from pks or an SKS feed.

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