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Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit7 at
Sat Mar 26 06:30:30 CET 2005

hhhobbit7 wrote:


>and optionally these:


Since somebody else wrote it and got it wrong as well, I will
correct it for everybody.  I do NOT think it needs the libiconv
zip file with 1.4.1.  I did the install, and it put the dll file
in there.  Works like a charm for me.  Somebody with a language
other than English please speak up so we know what is going on.

YOU still will need the gnupg.reg file or enter everything manually
for the registry entry.  You COULD make shortcuts for executables
in Windows, or add the path, or copy the executables like I do.
Actually, I copy them into the C:\bin folder which is used by
CygWin and is already in my path.

I WOULD advise that before you get ready to integrate it into 0.9
Thunderbird that you upgrade Thunderbird to the latest version as
well.  That would be version 1.0.2.  It fixes some very noticeable
security problems (phishing), and you should also upgrade to the
latest version of Firefox as well.

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