Clarification on purpose of subordinate keys

John Harrold jmh17 at
Mon Mar 28 16:27:27 CEST 2005

Sometime in March Charly Avital assaulted the keyboard and produced:

| John,
| here's the information  I get on your key:
| pub  1024D/F65A739E  created: 2002-10-02  expires: never       usage: CS
|                       trust: unknown       validity: unknown
| sub  1024R/C7658196  created: 2003-10-02  expires: never       usage: E
| sub  1024g/C6C536C3  created: 2002-10-02  expired: 2003-10-02  usage: E
| sub  1024D/B23241CB  created: 2003-10-01  expires: never       usage: SA
| [ unknown] (1). "John M. Harrold" <jmh at>
| [ unknown] (2)  John Mark Harrold <jmh17 at>
| [ unknown] (3)  [jpeg image of size 5337]
| On 2003-10-01 you generated an additional subkey B23241CB (usage: SA = 
| Sign Authenticate). This is the subkey that is being used for signing, 
| instead of the primary key F65A739E. In order to authenticate your 
| signature, the recipient of your signed messages must have this 
| additional subkey in your key's keyblock, in his/her pubring.

Ok, that makes sense. I honestly don't remember making the SA key, but
given the time frame it probably happened when I was trying to unexpire the
key F65A739E. Can you elaborate on the reasons for using a separate key for
signing messages?

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  gpg --keyserver --recv-key B23241CB
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