how to beautify gpg+mutt

Fafa Diliha Romanova fteg at
Wed Mar 30 12:13:34 CEST 2005


So how do you prevent this?
What signature method do you use?

I still haven't gotten any reply to my post.

All the best,
-- Fafa

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Subject: Re: how to beautify gpg+mutt
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 14:51:10 +0000

> > i've generated my public key but i think that signing using that
> > is a bad idea. people get confused, thinking they're attachments that
> > they are unable to open.
> In addition, I've discovered there are more and more of those
> that simply filter all messages with unsolicited attachmets
> straight into trash, on the (not entirely unreasonable) assumption
> that such attachments are viruses and/or such messages are spam.
> C. Rok
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