decrypting large files failes

Tue May 3 14:57:01 CEST 2005

If you do not get a resultion within gpg, then you could "split" the file,
using split on the command line.
This will divide the file in 2.

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             05/03/2005 04:34          decrypting large files failes       


I get the following error while trying to decrypt a file (using gnupg
1.4.0 on Win2k):

     gpg: packet(6) with unknown version 207
     gpg: Warnung: Verschl\x81sselte Botschaft ist manipuliert worden!
     gpg: packet(1) with unknown version 22

The file size is 4.5 GB. The first part (with some gpg files only 500
MB, with others 2 GB) is decrypted correctly.

Decrypting smaller files works fine.

Is there a size limit for creating gpg files?

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