Encrypting for a user who has a IDEA public key

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Wed May 4 01:41:39 CEST 2005

mconahan at zixtestott.com wrote:

>    I created a PGP keypair using a PGPCorp desktop client, where 
> key used the IDEA cipher.  I then exported the public cert, and 
> successfully imported it into GnuPG.  I then was able to encrypt 
> message for the PGPCorp user, and the PGPCorp user was able to 
> the message with their private key.  Is this expected behaviour 
> GnuPG?  I thought GnuPG does not support the IDEA algorithm in 
> form.  Could someone please shed some light on this?

but pgp later than 2.x does

you're right, if it were (classic) pgp 2.x, 
then a gnupg encrypted message would not be decipherable by the 2.x 
user unless IDEA was used

all pgp > 8.1 
supports all algorithms that gnupg does, including blowfish,
and can decipher any message encrypted using any symmetric 

>One more question...how do you find out what the list of preferred 

>algorithms are for a public key imported into GnuPG

[1] --edit-key name

[2] when the command line prompts: Command>
then type  showpref

and gnupg displays a listing of the user's preferences for that key

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