Running GnuPG from a USB Pen Disk

vedaal at vedaal at
Thu May 5 01:35:46 CEST 2005

João Pinheiro wrote:


> I would like to know 
> if it would be possible 
> for me to run gnupg from my usb pen disk
> using a common keyring directory for all architectures. 

it can be set up to run from a floppy, and certainly from a usb 

the directions (and downloadable prepared gnupg)
are available here:

(instructions are also available in how to compile it on your own)

once you are done,
just double-click the go.bat file,
and a dos window opens, ready for your gnupg command line,
(*no* registry entries or modifications are necessary)

to confirm that it was set up correctly on your floppy or usb 
gpg -h

and the gnupg version and helpfile should appear, letting you know 
that gnupg is ready to go

once it works on one windows computer,
it will work on any of them without any further changes,
(other than a possible letter change for the usb drive)


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