gpgme - gpgme_data_seek() failing with

tom jones list_lfa at
Fri May 6 18:35:33 CEST 2005


I am trying to get the encryption test distributed
with gpgme 1.0.2 to work.  Technically everything can

If I do all the work in the main() everything goes
fine.  gpgme_data_seek() works fine in main(),
returning 0, but any use of gpgme_data_seek() in a
function outside of my main fails, returning -1.  The
error is Invalid Argument.

As far as I can tell the data () being passed to the
seek() looks scrambled.  I've printed out the cipher
data going in and the wierd thing is that even though
the cipher text data looks random ( there's no
-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- and it isn't the data I
passed it), like it's a memory problem, the layout of
the text is similar to encrypted text and it ends with
the line

I've tried passing with and without pointers.  After
failing in the called function, trying seek() again in
the main() works fine.

I will happily send / post the exact code I am using,
but I experience this problem with the gpgme
t-encrypt.c test anyway.

All help is appriciated.

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