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At 14:29 2005-05-12, David Shaw wrote:
 >On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 10:05:52PM +0200, Per Tunedal Casual wrote:
 >> now I tried:
 >> 1. Creating one Root-CA, signing a CA-key by:
 >> gpg --edit-key keyid
 >> tsign
 >> with 2 = I trust fully
 >> and
 >>   depth = 2
 >> 2. Letting a "user key" sign the Root-CA-key with
 >> ltsign
 >> with 2 = I trust fully
 >> and
 >>   depth = 2
 >> Result:
 >> Keys signed by the CA-key are valid for the user.
 >> Questions:
 >> Please explain the depth i detail.
 >> A. Would it be sufficient to choose depth = 1 for both trust
 >> signatures above?
 >Yes.  You only have one link betweeen you and the user: you -> CA ->
 >Using a depth of 2 here will work, of course, but is overkill.
 >> B. What happens if a key signed by the CA signs an other key with
 >> an
 >> ordinary exportable signature?
 >The usual thing happens, because that signature isn't part of the
 >trust signature chain.  We've already established that the key signed
 >by the CA is valid, so if you have sufficient ownertrust set, then
 >this other key would be valid as well.
 >> C Why choose depth = 2? A scenario?
 >You -> Big CA -> Little CA -> User
 >Useful in a company with many subdivisions.  You just sign the master
 >CA with a depth of 2, the master CA signs the various subdivision
 >with a level of 1, and the subdivision keys sign all the users in
 >their subdivision.
 >End result is that all users become valid to you.
 >Signing someone with a level of 2 or greater gives them *a lot* of
 >power.  It basically means that not only are they trusted introducers
 >for you, but they can grant the ability to be trusted introducers for
 >you to someone else.
Hi David,
thank you very much for your thorough explanation. I finally have
grasped it!
Per Tunedal
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