Newbie question : GPgee and GPGshell etc..

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Wed May 11 16:22:15 CEST 2005

Newbie question

which one of these
- GPGshell
- WinPT
- GPGee

is better for a starter with GPG 



Kurt Fitzner - kfitzner at wrote:

>In the belief that GPGee is now ready for production use, I've just
>released version 1.0.  For those who aren't familliar with it, GPGee is
>a Windows explorer shell extension.  It adds support for GnuPG to the
>right-click context menu in Windows explorer.
>You can download it from the GPGee home page at:
>GPGee's features include:
>  - Sign, sign+encrypt, or encrypt multiple files at once.
>  - Verify/decrypt multiple files at once - GPGee automatically
>    detects the GnuPG file type and performs the correct operaation.
>  - Can configure the location of the gpg.conf, public and secret
>    keyrings files.  Use GPGee with keys stored on usb flash drives.
>* - Quick-select encryption key groups.  Encrypt to multiple
>    recipients quickly and easily.
>* - Visual indication of the trust level of signatures
>* - Compares expiry date of keys against the date signatures were
>    produced.
>  - Context-sensitive help
>  - It's free software, just like GnuPG.  Inspect the code for yourself.
>* = New feature for 1.0

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