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Sat May 14 17:07:36 CEST 2005


I use Win XPP + Moz 1.7.8 + Enigmail + GPG

I tried verifying the signature your message below with Mozilla mail
client + Enigmail i.e.

- I download the message from IMAP server
- click the pen IKON (with a ?)
- I get a Enigmail pop up saying "Unverified signature" etc..
- I click yes button to import signature
- I choose (I've also tried
- Every time I get a "socket error : ec = 10054"

- I get same results with *some* other keyservers as well

Where am I wrong

- Is there an easier / better way to retrieve keys once and for all 



Jason Harris - jharris at wrote:

>On Fri, May 13, 2005 at 09:28:33PM +0200, Bjoern Buerger wrote:
>>* Francis Gulotta (wizard at [050513 21:10]:
>>>It uses by default.
>>>A random keyserver selection seems like the best idea for me (unless you
>>>need to hit one specificly) I can't read german but I'd think this one
>>>directs you to a random keyserver.
>>>Does anyone know?
>>You are right. contains all 
>>"green" (available) hosts from the sks keyserver map:
>>You will get one of ~ 15-20 Servers. 
>>All of them should be running (checked twice a day)
>>All of them are subkey safe.
>Unfortunately, shows
> is currently unsynchronized (missing ~5000 keys).  Also,
> shows
>hasn't synchronized for even longer (missing ~25000 keys).
>(Fortunately, submitting keys/updates to either of these two servers
>will email them to (also subkey safe), which will
>propagate them to the rest of the keyserver network (without photos).)

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