Enigmail Test Builds for SmartCard Support

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at mozilla-enigmail.org
Tue May 17 09:58:23 CEST 2005

Christian Rank wrote:
> Hello Patrick,
>>>I have implemented support for OpenPGP SmartCards into Enigmail:
>>>- set card owner data
>>>- key creation
>>>- PIN administration
>>>- Using the card for message processing (sign/decrypt)
>>>Since my usual testers don't have OpenPGP SmartCards, I'm looking for
>>>some people who could help me testing the new functionality.
>>>The test builds of Enigmail are available for Thunderbird 1.0, and
>>>Thunderbird trunk builds on Windows and Linux:
> I've tested the new version with my OpenPGP Smartcard and Thunderbird 1.0.2.
> In the function "Manage SmartCard", the fields "Firstname" and "Name"
> seem to be swapped.
> The functions "Edit Card Data" and "Change PIN" work perfectly for me,
> as well as signing operations.
> I have the following suggestions for improvements:
> Since accessing the smart card takes a few seconds, it would be nice if
> during smart card operations an alert box like "accessing smart card,
> please stand by" would be displayed.

I couldn't find a way to tell upfront if a smartcard is going to be used
(of course except for "true" smartcard operations), so there's not much
I could display.

> If smartcard operations are attempted without a smartcard in the reader,
>  just the gpg error messages are displayed. It would be nice if a prompt
> like "please insert smartcard" would be displayed.

GnuPG does not seem to return a parseable status output, so I just have
the option to display the error message from GnuPG (I don't try to
interpert error messages because that will fail if GnuPG is used in a
localized manner).

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