GPGee 1.1 released

Kurt Fitzner kfitzner at
Wed May 18 01:38:03 CEST 2005

I suppose it was inevitable.  I announce to the world that GPGee is
ready for production use and a nice big fat bug shows up.  A little
humility is good for the soul.

GPGee version 1.1 has now been released with the following changes:
- Duplicate key bug fixed.  No more keys showing up twice in your key lists.
- Added setting for caching keys.  Some people (with many hundreds of
keys on their keyrings) were reporting it would take 15 seconds or more
for GPGee to activate.  Key caching eliminated the need for GPGee to
read your keyrings every time it activates.
- A progress-bar has been added for the times when GPGee has to
(re)create the key cache.
- Clearsigned messages can now be verified.
- Message digest algorithm is now reported when a signature is verified.

As always, GPGee is available from

For those who aren't familliar with it, GPGee is a Windows explorer
shell extension.  It adds support for GnuPG to the right-click context
menu in Windows explorer.
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