Additional self-signature

Werner Koch wk at
Thu May 19 13:23:42 CEST 2005

On Thu, 19 May 2005 11:41:22 +0300 (EEST), Oskar L said:

> Hello, I'm new on this list. Can anyone tell me why I get a second
> self-signature when I do this:

When importing a secret key into a keyring without a public key, a
public key is created from the secret key.  Due to historic reasons
the self-signature on the secret key is a different one than the one
created with the public key.  How when importing the public key a new
signature will be added and gpg is not able to detects this.  This
won't harm because the signatures are effectively identically although
not bit wise.

It has been fixed in the CVS when creating new keys.  How only one
self-signature is created and used verbatim also for the secret key.
This will go into 1.4.2.



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