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Thu May 19 15:34:28 CEST 2005


can anyone tell me why when setting utf-8 for cmd.exe, gpg switches back to
its default character set. In cmd.exe I do the follwoing to change the


For Windows XP Pro wiht German locale and True Type Font Lucida Console in
cmd.exe set this gives the OEM-Multilingual Latin I charset:

Active Codepage: 850.

Entering chcp 650001 (which stands for UTF-8) results in:

Active Codepage: 65001.

I now try for example to clearsign a UTF-8 encoded text file with gpg in
verbose mode:

gpg -vvv --clearsign test.txt

The program's first response is:

gpg: conversion from `utf-8' to `CP65001' not available
gpg: using character set `iso-8859-1'

What kind of setup (charset, file encoding) would you recommend in general.
I thougt that gpg fully supports UTF-8. At least according to the manpage.

Thank you

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