JavaCard Implementation of OpenPGP Card 1.1 Spec

Greg Reaume greg.reaume at
Tue May 24 18:53:07 CEST 2005

Hi Everyone,

I am interested in using a smartcard for OpenPGP and am happy to see
that a spec has been developed (thanks to g10code) for this purpose
implemented on a native card OS.  What I'm looking for though, is an
implementation of this
spec (compatible with GPG) for the JavaCard OS.  I already carry a
smartcard for my X.509 S/MIME certs and would like to combine the two
applications on one JavaCard.

I searched the mailing list archive and came up with an individual
that has attempted this:
Could anyone provide any information on feedback you've heard about
this implementation and/or any other implementations that you're aware

I appreciate your time.  Thanks everyone!


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