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Hi David

Thanks for replying to my message

As of now I'e progressed a little bit and Enigmail is working fine

I've got the following on my gpg.onf file which greatly improve
enigmail's ability to search for keys (my copy at least !)

keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve include-revoked include-subkeys
keyserver-options honor-http-proxy

Thanks for replying


J. David Boyd - dave at wrote:

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>>- How do I proceed further ?
>Turn on debugging in enigmail.  It's the last tab under preferences.
>This will show you what errors you are getting.
>>- Is there a better way to import public keys into enigmail ?
>I do it this way all the time.
>>- where is the public key ring stored by enigmail ?
>That's up to you.  I have a variable set in my system, GNUPGHOME, that 
>sets the directory for gpg to use.  If you don't have one of these set, I 
>believe that it defaults to the directory that it is run from, but I 
>could be wrong.
>I also have the following line in a batch file that I use to locate keys:
>gpg --search-keys --keyserver %1
>So you can try it manually and see if the key is locatable.  Note that 
>this means that gpg has to be in the PATH.

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