Filesystem Encrytion with GnuPG ?!

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Fri May 27 09:32:02 CEST 2005


C. D. Rok schrieb am 26.05.2005 17:34:
> Markus Breitländer wrote:
>> is it possible to use GnuPG for filesystem encryption?
>> I am thinking about having a directory tree o your hard disk that is
>> encrypted using GnuPG PKI - only accessible with once secret-key +
>> mantra.
>> Are there solutions like that for Windows? I read about implementations
>> on Linux using 'cryptloop'.
> Perfectly good, - better than 'cryptlooop', open source solution for
> Windows already exists, see:

I am using TrueCrypt now, i made a filebased encrypted filesystem on my
usb-stick, that gets mounted as partition and i am using that to store
my gpg secret-keyring.
It's all working very well, i am only a little concerned about the
protection against bruteforce attacks - as TC uses symmetrically
encryption. Is it possible to specify a min password length (maybe
entropie) from that on the password can be considered 'safe' against

I think i gotta read/think a little more about the whole security issue
around it.


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