IBM to Provide Security w/o Sacrificing Privacy Using Hash

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Fri May 27 21:56:15 CEST 2005

Hi Alex

Thanks for your good, informative reply

I'll try and catch up with the recommended reading 


Alex Mauer - hawke at wrote:

>gpg.20.subu at wrote:
>>I thought that two *non* identical names - as in case below will *not*
>>create the same hash
>>If it will, what is the probability ? 
>The probability of this happening is extremely low.
>For a 128-bit hash, such as md5, the probability is 1 in 2^128 (1 in
>For a 160-bit hash, such as sha-1 which PGP uses, the probability is 1
>in 2^160, 1 in


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