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Sun May 29 16:05:29 CEST 2005

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> - Lets say I get a signed message - like the ones from this
> "gnupg-users" list - I click on the "pen" ICON (displayed by
> Mozilla) to check the signature - I get a message "public key not
> found" - I proceed to try and download the public key from one of
> the 4 servers listed in Enigmail ~ I suppose defaults as of now in
> Enigmail - I get either a *socket error* or a *key not found error*
> - How do I proceed further ?
> - Is there a better way to import public keys into enigmail ?

make sure enigmail is set up correctly. in mozilla mail, go to
Enigmail->Preferences. make sure this is set correctly:

"Basic" tab:
    GnuPG executable path: x:\<gnupg path>\gpg.exe where x:\<gnupg
path> is your gpg install path.

there are better ways to import keys into enigmail:

1. type "gpg --keyserver <any keyserver you want> --recv-keys <key
ID>" at a command prompt.

- ---OR---

1. go to a keyserver with a search engine (i.e. and search for the name of the owner of the
key you want.

2. when the results come up, look for the key you want and click on
the key id

3. the pgp public key block will come up. copy that into notepad and
save it as a .gpg or .asc file.

4. type "gpg --import x:\xxx\xxx.gpg" at a command prompt.

> - where is the public key ring stored by enigmail ?

Enigmail takes its keyring from gpg's public keyring. it is located at
x:\<gnupg path>\pubring.gpg

i hope this helps, and good luck with enigmail!
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